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compound-railway-changelog - RailwayJS History

0.2.13 Sun, 25 Mar 2012


Monitoring API

Allow to collect information about response handling, db queries, etc.. Now we can build our own newrelic, with blackjack and hookers!

Bootstrap 2.0

Updated generators, helpers and ejs-ext module. Many thanks to Garret Johnson

Various fixes:

0.2.8 Sun, 29 Jan 2012

Helpers extenstion API

Extend helpers API prototype object:

railway.helpers.HelperSet.prototype.myCoolHelper = function () {
    return '<p>Application-wide helper</p>'; // use this in your plugins

to get <%- myCoolHelper %> availabe in every view

Stylus support

Generate your application with --stylus option to work with stylus out-of-box:

0.2.7 Fri, 20 Jan 2012

Complex names in forms

Important change! Now resourceful form helpers generates input names within csope:

form_for(post, function (f)

Will generate <input name="Post[title]" /> instead of <input name="title" /> For all existing code this behavior is not turned on to not break anything, but for newly generated apps it turned on in config/environment file

app.set 'view options', complexNames: true

CRUD generator also rewritten to match new structure

0.2.6 Fri, 13 Jan 2012

Major amends:

Minor improvements:


0.2.0 For node 0.6.0, jugglingdb 0.0.6

A lot of changes in core, fully rewritten controllers flow, node 0.6.0 compatible

Migration notes:

New features:

0.1.9 Experimental release


Test generators

ensure mongo and redis servers are running, then run

nodeunit test/generators.coffee


npm test

Testing API for controllers

Check out autogenerated tests for controllers, additional nodeunit stubs can be used:

test.redirect '/path'
test.render 'viewName'
test.send 'what'
test.success() # check status 200
test.assign 'memberName'

More stubs coming soon

Localize form labels automagically

Now form labels can be localized automatically, just use it as previously:

<% form_for(user, {}, function (form) { %>
    <%- form.label('name') %>
<% }); %>

And add translation to locales/en.yml:

        name: User name
        email: Email address

Jade templating engine (and any others)

Application can be generated with --tpl key, for now possibly values are

This list can be extended. Check out packages npm ejs-ext and jade-ext if you need to learn how to do it. It easy: just add another lang-ext package and install it before running railway g app --tpl lang


Small improvements:


Observer is a kind of controller, that listen for some event in the system, for example: paypal, twitter or facebook observers listens for callback from foreign service. Email observer may listen some events related to emails.

If you need app.on('someEvent') you should place this code in APPROOT/app/observers/NAME_observer.js


HTTPS Support

Just place your key and cert into config directory, railway will use it. Default names for keys are tsl.key and tsl.cert, but you can store in in another place, in that case just pass filenames to createServer function: server.js

require('railway').createServer({key: '/tmp/key.pem', cert: '/tmp/cert.pem'});




Scaffold generator railway generate scaffold ModelName field1:type1 field2:type2 It generates model, crud controller and appropriated views


Now you can run railway init blog and railway will create directory structure within blog root folder

By default will created file config/database.json that will force you to use mongoose driver, feel free to modify it and use redis or mysql (both supported)

Also, running express -t ejs no longer required


Mongoose driver support

Describe your schema in db/schema.js, it's just commonjs module which should export models. For describing logic please use app/models/*.js files. Every model described in schema accessible as global object in all models and controllers.


Added features generator for cucumis. Run railway generate features, then you will be able to create features using Gherkin language, parsed by kyuri.



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